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Useful Information

When you book, we like you to let us know your expected time of arrival. But don’t worry if your ferry or plane is late – we keep an electronic eye on arrival times!

You’ll be greeted on arrival by either Paul or Maureen. Islanders – whether native or adopted – have a worldwide reputation for their hospitality and we like to keep up the tradition. If you arrive unexpectedly early and find the house unattended, just call 075 8173 7155. We’re probably just a few minutes away!

If you are visiting the island on a Sunday, we would like to make all our guests aware that there are no supermarkets or shops available, and no Sunday papers.  This is in recognition of the strong role that religion plays in the islands’ tradition. While no-one is expected to participate in religious services, visitors are always welcome. It is however possible to get snacks and fuel in Stornoway from one of the local garages, and some of the restaurants on the island do open. The majority of the historical sights can still be visited, however the attached visitor centres will all be closed.

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